Psychology and Counseling

Fertility, in addition to being a medical process, is also a psychological and emotional journey. This journey can be made a lot easier if you get support from qualified individuals who are trained to help.

Infertility affects every area of your life. It can affect the relationships you have with others and how you see yourself. The different emotions that come with the treatment cannot be understood unless they are experienced.

The way these feelings are dealt with depends on past experiences. But many will benefit from having friends, loved ones, and mental health professionals around.

Who are those that require fertility counseling?

  • Those who are considering assisted reproduction 
  • Those who are beginning to lose confidence or have low self-esteem
  • Those whose infertility affects their productivity, causing depression and anxiety
  • Those who seem to be feeling “stuck”
  • Those who have tried more than once and failed
  • Those who are struggling with infertility concerns

These counseling sessions are available to everyone, and couples can decide whether to have theirs together or separately. In these sessions, you get the opportunity to talk about your feelings and thoughts. You can also open up about whether you are feeling stressed or anxious about the treatment.

In addition to support counseling, there are implications counseling for those that plan to take certain procedures. Here they will be educated on the implications, so they can be sure whether such a procedure is right for them or not.

There is also genetic counseling dedicated exclusively to those undergoing genetic treatments. They get to ask questions about the pre-implantation genetic testing procedures. It is also a place to talk about genetic disorders that you have.

When undergoing fertility services, there are many emotions that one feels. This is usually the case when the treatments become the main focus of your life, affecting the other areas. It might eventually become too much to bear and reduce your chances of becoming pregnant.

At HealthPlus Fertility, the mind is considered as the treatment of the body continues. You are guaranteed to have all the support that you will require throughout your procedure.