Laparoscopic Ovum Pick-up Technique

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Laparoscopic Ovum Pickup technique is a method by which an egg is collected for use in IVF. 

This method involves using a fibre-optic nerve to which a small camera is attached and being inserted into the abdomen via a small cleft under the belly button. The abdominal cavity is then filled with carbon dioxide to produce working space. After the eggs have been collected, the clefts are then stitched closed using absorbable stitches.

Three instruments are inserted into the abdomen during a laparoscopy procedure for ovum pick up. As a result, three small incisions are made, of which one or two will need to be stitched.

The laparoscope is placed through a small incision made at the lower edge of the belly button. This allows the doctor to see the ovaries and follicles holding the eggs. The second incision is made on one side of the abdomen, and an instrument used to hold the ovaries in place is inserted through it. In the third incision, the needle that will be used to remove the eggs is inserted.

Vaginal Ultrasound Collection

In this procedure, the eggs to be used are collected using the vaginal ultrasound egg collection method. During this procedure, the physician inserts an ultrasound probe into the vagina and then uses a needle to withdraw the egg from each follicle (takes approximately 15-30 minutes) depending upon how many follicles are present. Using the ultrasound as a guide, it is a lot easier to insert the needle and then extract fluid from every follicle because the image of what has been done is shown on the ultrasound screen.

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