Mental Wellbeing & Counseling

Mental Wellbeing & Counseling

Infertility is considered an issue everywhere. In many cultures, fertility is sometimes used as a measure of marital success. Over time, the relationship between mental health and infertility has been highly considered.  Studies have shown how undergoing infertility treatments affects the mood and well-being of the intending parents.

The non- fulfillment of a wish for a child can have a psychological impact on couples such as depression, anxiety, marital problems, and isolation. In general, infertile women show a higher level of emotional disturbance than their male partners, yet in cases where infertility is linked to a male factor, men are equally impacted.

Emotional Counseling

Some of the suggested physiological mechanisms on how mental status ( e.g. depression) affect fertility, are increased prolactin levels, disrupting the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal region, and malfunctioning of the thyroid. Connection exists between depression and the abnormal regulation of the hormone that regulates ovulation (luteinizing hormone, LH).

Our mental health support team at Health Plus will help combat the negative effect that these emotional disturbances have on fertility. Several studies suggest that cognitive behavioral group psychotherapy and support groups decrease stress and mood symptoms, as well as increase fertility rates. In a study Viable pregnancy rates were 55% for the cognitive behavioral group, 54% for the support group and 20% for the controls. (Domar 2000)

Mental Health Support Services:

  • Anxiety and stress associated with infertility diagnosis and IVF procedure
  • Grief and loss related to infertility 
  • Postpartum Depression 
  • Helping mothers struggling with infertility concerns
  • Stress related to becoming a new mother
  • General IVF counselling 
  • Working with emotional concerns that arise during pregnancy, prenatal and postpartum 
  • Work with relationship difficulties after a difficult birth
  • Working with reproductive failures, emotional issues, and interpersonal stressors


These counseling sessions are available to everyone, and couples can decide whether to have theirs together or separately. In these sessions, you get the opportunity to talk about your feelings and thoughts. You can also open up about whether you are feeling stressed or anxious about the treatment.

In addition to support counseling, there are implications counseling for those that plan to take certain procedures. Here they will be educated on the implications, so they can be sure whether such a procedure is right for them or not.

Genetic Counseling

There is also genetic counseling dedicated exclusively to those undergoing genetic treatments. They get to ask questions about the pre-implantation genetic testing procedures. It is also a place to talk about genetic disorders that you have.

At HealthPlus Fertility, we take care of your mind while treating your body. You are guaranteed to have all the support that you will require throughout your procedure.