HealthPlus celebrates the birth of 67 babies following the first IVF treatments carried out at its Fertility Center

Abu Dhabi, UAE: The HealthPlus Fertility Center, one of few leaders in the field of fertility and assisted reproduction in the UAE, celebrated the births of 67 new babies who were born during the past three months after IVF treatments carried out at the Center during the months of March and April 2011. HealthPlus Fertility Center is part of a network of premium outpatient centers owned and managed by United Eastern Medical Services (UEMedical).
The March 5th event was attended by the UEMedical Team, members of the press and over 30 babies along with their proud and joyous parents. The event took place at the HealthPlus Fertility Center, a state of the art facility and is the only independent, free-standing facility of its kind in Abu Dhabi.
Along with the jovial ambience, balloons and cake there was an overwhelming sense of gratitude and celebration of hope expressed by all parents.
“My wife and I have gone through a long emotional journey thinking that our dreams would never be fulfilled; today, we want to give a message to all those parents out there who are facing the same frustrations that they can have a family and fulfill one’s undeniable right to parenthood,” Mr. M.A., 35 years, UAE National stated. “We have been married for more than 5 years, and with Allah’s will, we had tried several treatments and IVF procedures several times in other places before coming to HealthPlus. We are happy now with Allah’s mercy to see our twin healthy and safe, who were recently born at Tawam Hospital in Al Ain.”
Over the past year, the HealthPlus Fertility Center has achieved a pregnancy rate of 42.0% for In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) cases for women below 35 years of age performed in 2011. Moreover, the overall results are at par with international success rates published in several publications including the ‘Human Fertilization & Embryology Authority’ of UK for 2010, marking HealthPlus as true leaders in the field of fertility and assisted reproduction.
Speaking at the event, Dr. Walid Sayed, HealthPlus Fertility Center’s Medical Director said, “It is such a humbling experience to see all the babies and parents together. Thankfully with all the new breakthroughs in science – we are able to turn many parents’ dreams and hopes into realities, truly such a rewarding experience to be a part of.”
From his side, Mr. Mohammed Ali Al Shorafa Al Hammadi, Managing Director & CEO of United Eastern Medical Services stated, “HealthPlus Fertility Center is UEMS’s latest testament to its commitment to being a world class healthcare provider in the UAE. We are thrilled to have struck the right balance between a highly accessible caring environment, personal attention and emotional support accompanied by technological excellence. This is a tribute to the dedication of our entire medical team whose skill proved invaluable in attaining high pregnancy success rates consistently placing us amongst the highest in the country.”
Mr. Majd Abu Zant, CEO of HealthPlus stated, “We are so excited to organize such a social gathering today with the babies, the parents and the Fertility Center team to celebrate the first year anniversary of the Fertility Center and the birth of 67 babies during the months of January and February 2012. Amongst the 67 babies were 35 boys and 32 girls. Our overall results and today’s event are true indicators that our world class facility is an essential addition to the UAE’s fertility services.”
‘HealthPlus’, Abu Dhabi’s growing network of premium outpatient centers, was established by UEMedical, the Abu Dhabi based healthcare investors and developers. The healthcare network will provide state-of-the-art outpatient medical services and support the multiple missions of UEMedical, including outstanding patient care and extensive community outreach. Over 20 facilities, adopting international standards and best practices, will open over the coming years and form part of an integrated healthcare delivery system including UEMedical’s flagship project, Danat Al Emarat Women and Children’s Hospital.
The network will comprise of Centers of Excellence in a variety of specialties including Women’s Health, Fertility & Genetics, Day Surgery, Orthopedics & Rehabilitation, and Dental Health, in addition to a number of Family Clinics. The centers will be heavily involved in promoting community health awareness and education, and in supporting national programs in line with the initiatives of the Health Authority-Abu Dhabi of improving public health. HealthPlus will fill the apparent gaps in the healthcare sector, and focus will continually be placed on medical excellence, patient-centredness and unparalleled levels of customer service.
About UEMedical
United Eastern Medical (UEMedical) was formed in 2005 with the aim of raising the standard of healthcare service delivery and has since become Abu Dhabi’s leading privately owned Healthcare Development and Investment Company. UEM possesses the breadth of experience, the network of expertise and the financial backing to assume a prominent role in a complex and challenging healthcare environment, aiming to differentiate themselves on the basis of medical excellence, innovation and an unparalleled level of customer service. UEM will develop and manage an integrated healthcare delivery system that comprises world-class specialty hospitals and outpatient facilities throughout the UAE. Its portfolio of projects is coming together to leverage the combined talent and resources of a world class hospitals, 6 specialty centers and 14 family clinics to create an integrated healthcare delivery system across Abu Dhabi and the UAE. Among its main projects for the coming years, UEM will see the opening of the 250-bed Danat Al Emarat Women & Children’s hospital in Abu Dhabi City (2012). By partnering with a number of internationally renowned healthcare providers, UEM also ensures that international standards in patient care delivery and best practices are put in place.
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