The 5th Annual Diabetes Conference Held Today in Abu Dhabi : Participants praised the decline in diabetes in UAE to 11.8%

16 November 2018 – Abu Dhabi, UAE: Participants at the 5th Annual Diabetes for Primary Care Conference, which was held today 16 November 2018 in Park Rotana Hotel, and was organized by United Eastern Medical Services (UEMedical) and HealthPlus Diabetes & Endocrinology Center, praised the accomplishments of the UAE in reducing diabetes rates according to the Ministry of Health and Prevention recent announcement that the rates of diabetes in UAE declined from 18.9% to 11.8%. The result was based on a national comprehensive health survey which was conducted by the Ministry of Health and Community Protection in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO).
Participants also assured that this decline in Diabetes prevalence within the UAE community shows the effectiveness in the preventive measures implemented by the healthcare authorities in UAE, and the public and private healthcare sectors. Educational and social activities have contributed in increasing awareness on diabetes prevention in the society, and to adapt healthy lifestyles. Physicians at the conference agreed on the importance of such awareness programs all year long and the importance of health and preventive screenings in public places to help continue reducing the prevalence of diabetes.
Mr. Mohammed Ali Al Shorafa Al Hammadi, CEO and Managing Director of UEMedical in Abu Dhabi said that the group is keen to hold this diabetes conference annually as it comes in line with our commitment towards education. As one of the key specialized centers, HealthPlus Diabetes & Endocrinology Center aims to gather key speakers and participants under one platform to learn about new technologies, exchange knowledge and share experiences that would help with enhancing the levels of services offered. He also praised the collaboration and efforts of the Department of Health Abu Dhabi in supporting health awareness activities and medical education programs.
Mr. Majd Abu Zant, CEO of HealthPlus Network of Specialty Centers in Abu Dhabi said that through organizing public health campaigns and scientific conferences in addition to using the latest technologies for our patients, HealthPlus Diabetes Center will continue to help decreasing diabetes prevalence in UAE. “The conference today has included 7 scientific lectures focusing on the recent trends in diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, and the interaction was phenomenal!”, Mr. Abu Zant added.
Dr. Mohammed Al Khatib, Chairman of the Conference, Diabetology, Endocrinology and Internal Medicine Consultant at HealthPlus Diabetes & Endocrinology Center in Abu Dhabi spoke during his lecture about the latest scientific techniques in treating type 2 diabetes and controlling glucose levels in blood. Dr. Al Khatib said, “The management of diabetes type 2 has markedly changed in the last 3 years towards a cardiovascular outcome-oriented therapy of diabetes. This paradigm shift was mirrored in the recently published ADA and EASD consensus paper where the safety and cardiovascular protection of patients with diabetes and the prevention of events like myocardial infarction and heart failure as well as stroke and amputations are the focus of treatment. The lecture about cardiovascular outcome studies showed that the newer generation of glucose lowering agents have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular health of patients with diabetes type 2.”
He clarified that over 180 healthcare professionals attended the conference. “We see number of attendees increase year by year, which shows an increasing interest in the update of diabetes management in the UAE. Lectures and presentations included challenges in managing diabetes, diabetes education, latest technologies in diagnosis and treatment of the disease, diabetes relation to kidney health, insulin treatment, bariatric surgeries, diabetes relation to polycystic ovaries and some case studies of patients suffering from diabetes.”
Dr. Hazem Al Momani, Head of Surgery Department, Bariatric Surgery Consultant at Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Children in Abu Dhabi presented a paper about metabolic problems, diabetes relation to obesity and the risks of obesity.
Dr. Al Momani also noted that obesity rates are increasing, while recent international scientific studies show that obesity is one of the leading causes of cancer and death. Obesity is the second biggest cause of cancer worldwide, and the mortality rates due to obesity are higher than mortality rates caused by smoking.
He also said that obesity is one of the main causes of diabetes, blood pressure, infertility, as well as psychological problems. He also spoke about the surgical options for obesity, which includes Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve and other methods according to the needs and type of the case. He also noted that 50 successful procedures were performed at Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Children to treat these cases after launching the Bariatric Department earlier this year.
Dr. Al Momani also said, “A healthy diet on a daily basis and daily walking of 10 thousand steps can limit obesity and problems related to diabetes.”
From his side, Dr. Igor Kozak, Ophthalmology Consultant at Moorfields Eye Hospital Abu Dhabi discussed with the attendees the various complications of diabetes on the retina, and the importance of annual checkups and controlling blood sugar levels to avoid complications to the retina.
The conference is accredited by Department of Health Abu Dhabi for 7 CME hours. Alongside the conference, numerous pharmaceutical companies participated in the exhibition and showcased the latest technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes.