Dr. Milia Khalil Alahmar

Dr. Milia Khalil Al-Ahmar is the Anesthesiologist Specialist at HealthPlus. With many years of experience, she has worked in almost every medical operative specialty, including cardiac, ENT, orthopedic, pediatric, vascular, and general surgeries.

She has recently shifted her focus to critically ill and OBS/GYN management. Dr. Al-Ahmar specializes in offering various types of anesthetic approaches from general, epidural and spinal. She is also capable of managing traumatic, critical and emergency care. 

Dr. Al-Ahmar has worked as a senior specialist at the Johns Hopkins International Hospital, as well as at other JCI Accredited institutions. She is fluent in Arabic, English and French.

Dr. Millia’s caring and compassionate nature with her patients, makes them feel secure and at ease throughout their procedures. She is appreciated for her thoroughness and optimal care she offers to her patients.